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A quote will be sent to your email within 36 hours depending on the size of the order. Most quotes will be delivered within 24 hours to your email.

If you have questions about your order, please contact us at :

Your quote is free*, you may pay with credit card or PayPal once you agree with quoted price.

2-D blueprints will be delivered in your choice of DXF, DWG or PDF

A link for viewing 3-D model will be provided for your pre-payment inspection, or, Download here:

Returning customers will be invoiced upon delivery.

  • 2-D drafting ( no tolerance) : $20.00 per hour USD
  • 3-D modeling : $30.00 per hour
  • Engineering (fits and tolerances) : $45.00 per hour
  • Design : $45.00 per hour
  • Special quoting of large projects : 25.00 per hour

*free quote is limited to single parts, large complex parts and assemblies will have a quote fee


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