About Us


Welcome! My name is Steve Buechel,, owner and developer of Buechel Machine and Cad LLC.

I have been involved in manufacturing for 35 years as a machinist, toolmaker, CNC programmer and custom designer, I have 25 years of CAD/CAM experience, and 12 years experience in 3-D solid modeling.

I have experience in multiple fields, — aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, and more–specializing in prototyping, and working in R&D and engineering departments.

We work closely with our customers on your specific needs, whether you need a basic drawing or need tolerances to control desired fits of parts and hardware.

Your solid model will be stored in our server allowing for simple and fast future editing and fast regeneration of blueprints. When a model is updated, one click and all associated blueprints are updated, as well notes on the revisions.

From a machinist’s point of view, I have seen much manufacturing time wasted on blueprint interpretation and miscalculations. I have cost savings methods to increase efficiencies on the shop floor. We will reformat your 2-D blueprints with ordinate dimensions and eliminate hand calculations. We can also provide lathe dimensions driven from the face of the part and mill dimensions from a common reference point, and inspection blueprints detailing key features.

We use Siemens Solid Edge ST10 which provides the latest tools for both ordered and history free modeling. ST10 also has powerful editing tools to modify native files from other CAD systems.

We value our customers’ privacy; all customers’ files and designs will be considered proprietary, your information will not be shared for any reason.

I will honor any non-disclosure clause and agreements.
We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Steve Buechel
Owner and Founder