• 2 dimensional prints converted to 3-D
    • Your dxf or dwg files converted to 3-D, assemblies created
    • Your parts saved as parasolid, iges or step files
    • Autocad legacy files are now easily converted to 3-D
  • Hand sketches converted to 3-D models or 2-D electronic files ready for machining
    • Send a scanned copy of sketch, pdf, jpg or tif and we will build your part and provide electronic files
  • 2-D blueprint generation
    • Send your 3-D solid model, we will generate manufacturing blueprints.
    • Solid Edge translators can read most CAD systems native files such as PROE, ACIS, Inventor, Microstation, Solidworks and JT along with parasolid, iges and step. Your model will be stored on site, future revisions can be made more swiftly and blueprints updated
  • Fixture Design
    • We will work with your solid model or create a solid of your finished part
    • and create a reliable fixture to hold it for your processes
  • 3-D assemblies with 2-D blueprints
    • Have all your parts assembled and dimensioned in the assembled format, check overall dimensions of your completed project
  • STL files for 3-D printers, carbon fiber 3-D printing
    • Have your models converted to Stl files to send to your 3-D printer.
  • Parasolid, Iges, Step and solid support
    • We can make any edits on your existing models, powerful heal and stitch features to repair most models. We can also rebuild features on broken models
  • DXF and DWG and PDF detailed blueprints
    • Your parts drawn at any level, simple dimensions or with tolerances
  • Reverse Engineering
    • We have in house inspection of your parts, send worn or broken parts or undocumented parts and we will make new models, limited to small parts, contact us for a quote
  • Production blueprints with ordinate dimensions
  • Affordable pricing and fast turnaround (Promotional Rates )
  • Please contact us to quote your next project, upload your files with our convenient upload tool