Buechel Machine and Cad LLC

At Buechel Machine and CAD LLC,
we offer you fast and accurate solid modeling and drafting.

We use Siemens Solid Edge ST10
Siemens Solid Edge ST10 now includes history free modeling. Editing old models no longer causes the part to “explode” and can make changes to your model directly: no more corrections in the history tree.

At Buechel Machine and CAD LLC, we want to be your long term source for blueprinting. Your models and prints will be stored securely in our server for future revisions. When you need new modifications, the prints are automatically updated.

Whether you have machines requiring 3-D objects or 2-D files, we have you covered.
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We look forward to serving you!

  • 3-d Models

    3-d models

    3-D models are the ideal way to see your project come to life. They allow you to see the fits and clearances of all the parts after they are assembled.
    Many purchased parts, motors, clamps, linear slides, actuators, hardware..Read More

  • 2-d Assemblies

    2-d assemblies

    Your 2-d assembly prints are the perfect way to see cumulative measurements for your assembled project. Easy to measure on a basic cad system , sent in DXF format. Includes views from all perspectives and cutaways of critical areas and presented in a 1:1 scale…Read More

  • Drafting


    Our drafting service is directly connected to your complete 3-D model. The parts in the model can be isolated or hidden for specific viewing. Each draft file is directly linked to individual parts in the model and to the model assembly. Should one part of model be altered… Read More

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    We now have carbon fiber printing.
    The Markeforged Onyx produces parts that are much stronger than ABS or…Read More