Our drafting service is directly connected to your complete 3-D model. The parts in the model can be isolated or hidden for specific viewing. Each draft file is directly linked to individual parts in the model and to the model assembly.
Should one part of model be altered, the associated drafting files will update and the changes will be noted. Redesigning your project is swift and simple and accurate.
Find your purchased parts at http://www.traceparts.com/ and have complete blueprints of your purchased parts footprint and your device designed around them
Allow us to store your models for convenient updating on a fly

Recently in a machine shop, I saw a huge amount of wasted time due to performing manual calculations to interpret blueprints.

These were single piece prototype parts to be done manually so no programs were made, the parts were produced directly from an engineering blueprint.

Lathe parts, which were required to be made on the end of a shaft and then cut off  all had dimensions from the bottom part.

Many of the faces had incremental dimensions from each other instead of absolute from the face. Many dimensions were not even shown.

 Angles requiring trigonometry, bolt hole circles and drill depths to the tip, screw clearances and counter bore and countersink dimensions required referencing a chart or calculations

This causes a huge amount of wasted time and opportunity for mistakes.

Effective blueprinting with the manufacturing process in mind can save a great deal of time and ensure accuracy. Detailed cut away views and absolute dimensions can greatly improve the manufacturing process.

The math should be eliminated allowing the toolmaker to focus on the machining process.

I have encountered this many times and have created process blueprints from the model, offering appropriate datum points and dimensions for each operation providing all machining data clearly and visibly, eliminating costly mistakes and wasted time.

Try our Effective Blueprinting Service and see the improvements yourself